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Tourtech is the ultimate one-stop shopping site for all things related to adventure-moto accessories. Long-range fuel tanks, trick suspensions, luggage, reinforced stock parts, and even complete motorcycle upgrade kits. If it is not in their catalog then you don’t need it. Be ready when shopping their online site because every gadget you could ever dream of is listed there–and built to the highest standards.

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Cutting-edge high-tech aftermarket accessories for discerning adventure motorcyclists. Designed and built in the US–according to US standard of precision and quality. Whatever you buy for any bike, the parts are sure to fit the first time.

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There is nothing worse that motorcycle electrical failures due to cheap products and weak wiring. To save problems out on the road or in some steaming jungle, do it right the first time with electrical cables and connectors built to last for your motorcycle. These guys build durable connections for everything from smart phones to radar detectors to wiring blocks and riding suits.



On my first ride through South America when I crossed the Andes twice off-road, I used Avon Gripsters which proved to be the toughest, high mileage dual-sport tire on the market. From slick red clay to deep sand, to jarring over gaping potholes, my Gripsters took it all. Later on a subsequent ride around the entire planet, from Siberia to Africa, my Gripsters easliy rolled over the Gobi Desert, bit into the sucking mud of Borneo. And finally from Cape Town to Sudan, these tires proved to be the most durable rubber anywhere while spinning over trails of razor-sharp volcanic rocks. Today, depending on the ride ahead I switch back and forth between Gripsters for travel on both on and off-roading, and Distanzias for more pavement weighted journeys. Even under the harshest riding conditions I average ten thousand miles per set, a critical plus when on long rides. From road racing to touring, to off-roading—Avon Tyres, don’t leave home without them.


Unquestionably the best built, most useful aluminum panniers available anywhere in the world. Nine times out of ten if spotting a round-the-world adventurer, you’ll note a set of Jesse Bags– slightly dented and scraped from sustaining years of abuse. With a variety of sizes and mounting gear, you can customize these panniers for any kind of touring or everyday use. Since my motorcycle is my primary source of transportation, I haul my weekly shopping or when out on the road there is plenty of room for whatever myself or my gal want to drag along.



Bar none this is the finest riding suit available anywhere on the planet. Hand crafted with high tech fabrics and sealed so tight even the zippers are water tight. The price tag is not for the faint-hearted but those who want and can afford the absolute best riding suit, Rukka gear is unmatched. Remember, you get what you pay for.


Widely known as the quietest helmet on the market, it is also the most comfortable. Packed with technology from quality construction materials, to internal flip-down sun visors, to the convenient tilt up face shield, Schuberth helmets are far more advanced than any other major brand. And the Bluetooth communications interface flawlessly from listening to iPod music, conversing on a cell phone or speaking with a passenger or fellow rider. On my iPhoneI I download my favorite news shows to later playback on boring stretches of roads. Then if someone tries to reach me, I respond by saying ANSWER to accept incoming calls. Or just speak into the mike to instruct the phone who to call.


As one of the most durable and affordable riding suits on the market, Olympia provides more bang for the buck than any other product on the market. I am constantly amazed at the quality materials and the abundance of pockets–a mandatory feature for travelers.


As the first America to place in the grueling Paris-Dakar race, Jimmy Lewis is an American icon in off-road riding. But he shares all of his hard-earned knowledge with students who attend his weekend classes and seminars. Before tackling Siberia, I spent a weekend with both him and his wife Heather, and between the two of them I learned more in 48 hours that the previous thirty years. After I practiced what Jimmy taught me I glided across some of the roughest terrain on the planet in Siberia and Borneo. The value of proper training cannot be overstated and Jimmy is the man to learn from.


You can order these super saddles for any motorcycle and they are custom made to fit each individual butt. Visit the website, provide the required information and place your order for the most comfortable seat you could ever dream of. Soon enough you will be riding on a cloud. Rocky is the premier craftsman in quality saddles whose reputation in the industry is unmatched. My last three bikes had Bill Mayer saddles as a necessity due to severe lower back pain. Thanks to him, I can still ride long hours on extended journeys.


Although more expensive than the Japanese bikes, BMW motorcycles still rule the road. German engineering along with many decades of honing in their product for ruggedness and advanced technology, I recommend the 1200GS–simply the best motorcycle I’ve ever owned.


Renazco specializes in custom off-road riding seats that are tailor made using stock seat pans for a perfect fit. With an abundance of materials to choose from you can dial in the perfect seat for roaring off into the dirt.

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Formas are the most lightweight, comfortable and durable riding boots ever. There is no grueling six-month break-in period, they are ready to be worn right out of the box. Three adjustable buckle snaps on each make them easy on and easy off. Even at the end of long days ride these boots are comfortable enough to walk to the nearest restaurant without longing to switch to lighter shoes.


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For long distance riding this is the undisputed champion of seat pads. Bad back or sore butt–FreedomAir cushions extend riding time with unbelievable comfort.. Mandatory equipment for me.

Butler Maps finds the best paved, dirt, gravel and forgotten roads in the world and guide you through them on a waterproof tear-resistant map. Use any number of #G1Rated or #RideBDR maps in congruous with your GPS unit and have the unique adventure that was built for you… Because Butler makes the maps, YOU make the memories!

The Burn style sunglasses were designed to keep the wind out of your eyes at speeds of over 100mph. The shape alone took more than 10 years to design. The Burn is made with 6061 C&C machined aircraft aluminum. The frames can be adjusted to form-fit any size face and nose. They have dual-embedded spring-loaded hinges that grab onto the head, but aren’t too tight, so they are still comfortable. They are extremely lightweight for metal sunglasses. They come with removable TR-90 nylon foam inserts and are available in prescription with r/x inserts as well. They can be modified with almost any engraving you can imagine.